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The following websites provide great information about the community as a whole. From law enforcement information to the best restaurants in town.  If you know of any other sites you
think would be appropriate to have here, email one of the board members with your recommendation.

Local Government Agencies


This web site has virtually every governmental document, regulation, guideline, whatever you can think of.  Not just Seminole County, but you can go to the State of Florida.  Worth the trip just to see what's there. The offical information is...
This website is an effort of the Government Documents Department of the George A. Smathers Libraries of the University of Florida to provide indexing of and access to government information on the World Wide Web. Our goal is to provide, within 2 or 3 mouse clicks, access to Florida state and local government information. Our secondary goal is to provide support for the federal depository librarians within Florida. To that end, an administration page was developed providing links to information useful to documents librarians. Initial funding for this project was provided through a Federal Library Services and Technology Act grant by the Florida State Library.

Community Affairs


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