November 12th, 2016


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Bob Rogge, President, at 2 pm. The meeting was held in Leeds Court and a quorum was not established. A sign-in sheet was circulated.


Minutes: The minutes from the last board meeting, November 22nd, 2015 were emailed previously and distributed for those present.  The minutes were accepted with no corrections.


Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer, Dave Cook, reported a current balance of $3,324in the General Fund with $2,000 in the Wall Fund. The wall was last repaired and painted in April 2014, but an additional $1,000 was moved into the Wall Fund for future repairs. Dave distributed comparisons for expenses with previous years along with an up-to-date report on those homeowners who have used the pressure washer. The treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes and available for viewing on the HEHA website each quarter.






Welcome Committee:  Anne Leason reported that new homeowners have been welcomed, BUT, with so many homes selling now, everyone needs to report new neighbors to her.



Beautification Committee: Dave reported that he has had estimates for the wall (clean, repair, and paint) totaling as much as $11,500 and as low as $7,500. The last time the wall was maintained (April 2014) it cost $3,500.  It was decided that we would ask for estimates in our upcoming January newsletter – perhaps a resident will be able to offer advice/help with this.



Island Committee: Anne Leason reported that the island has seen some vandalism over the past few months ranging from eggs being smashed on the sign, mulch all over the road, and the lights being trampled on.  One of the lights has not been replaced and Anne wondered, as an experiment, if we should remove the other light from the sign just to see if it is too dark.  It was agreed that we will try out NO lights for a while and then we will revisit the situation.


Membership: To be discussed via email. Our goal for next year will be 60% or better as it was for this year. Dave will order the labels and Risa will design a newsletter to go out on January 15th or thereabout.







Election: The slate of officers for 2016/2017 are as follows:


President:                    Bob Rogge

Vice-President:           Robert Culhane

Secretary:                    Anne Leason

Treasurer:                    Dave Cook



The Slate of Officers was opened to the floor with no results. Due to the absence of a quorum, no vote was taken but the officers were accepted as presented and filed.


The Directors are as follows:


Jeffrie Smith

Deborah Cox

Jimmie/Pam Jones

Ellen Barr

Risa Harrell

Andrea Lecky


Advisor/Parliamentarian: Dan Bushrui



Santa Express:  Scheduled for Thursday, December 15th, at 7 pm. Ellen Barr and Bob Rogge will co-chair this event.  The budget was discussed, set for $150 ($50 for Santa, the rest for supplies), and will be approved by the board via email as there was no quorum present at this meeting. Bob will send out a list of everything, including tasks set for each board member, via email. Risa will have a flyer ready for distribution the first week of December.


A discussion ensued with a resident of Manchester concerning vandalism in the neighborhood, especially the slashing of tires which has occurred on several occasions.  Our neighborhood liason with the sheriff’s department, D/S William Stone, will be contacted and invited along to Santa Express on December 15th.  It was noted that both Pelican Bay and Hyde Park now have electronic surveillance at their entrances.



Garage Sale: Friday, March 24th 2017 and Saturday, March 25th


With no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.