December 11th, 2019


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Bob Rogge, President, at 8:30 pm. The meeting was held in Leeds Court and a quorum was not established (140 members, 62%). A sign-in sheet was circulated.


Minutes: The minutes from the last meeting, December 12th, ,2018 were emailed previously and distributed for those present.  The minutes were accepted with no corrections.


Treasurer’s Report: In the treasurer’s absence, Bob Rogee reported a current balance of $3,032 as of December 8th, 2019. The Wall Fund is shown as 0 and the board decided to ask Dave Cook if he would like to move $2,500 over into the fund at a future date. The treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes and available for viewing on the HEHA website each quarter.






Welcome Committee:  Anne Leason and Bonnie Stonington only welcomed 1 new homeowner in the last few months – 1023 Manchester Circle - although there are several properties up for sale. Bonnie will track these new sales.



Beautification Committee: The wall fund is currently depleted. A discussion took place regarding the damage to the wall along Grand Road. As each homeowner owns their own piece of the wall there is not anything the HOA can do.  Ellen Barr offered to write a letter to each homeowner about the wall and also to contact Code Enforcement to see if they can offer any advice. Ellen is now the  Community Association Manager for HOA’s.



Island Committee: The island is decorated for the holidays and the flag has been replaced. The HOA signs that are placed on the island and at the Grand Road entrance will be painted and updated after the holidays.


Membership: Dave Cook will obtain address labels from Seminole County, Risa will begin the newsletter, Anne will take care of the invoices, envelopes and stamps. Mailing date is January 15th, 2020.





Election: The Slate of Officers for 2019/2020 are as follows:


President:                    Bob Rogge

Vice-President:           Robert Culhane

Secretary:                    Anne Leason

Treasurer:                    Dave Cook



The Slate of Officers was opened to the floor. Due to the absence of a quorum, no vote was taken but the officers were accepted as presented and filed. Maria Sayavong volunteered to be a Director and was welcomed by those present.



The Directors are as follows:


Jeffrie Smith

Deborah Cox

Jimmie/Pam Jones

Ellen Barr

Risa Harrell

Andrea Lecky

Bonnie Stonington

Terry/Aimee Hewitt

Maria Sayavong


Garage Sale: The date is set for Friday and Saturday, April 17th and 18th.


Santa Express: This event was held prior to the AGM and was the busiest one so far. A total of 50 gift bags were handed out by Santa. A selection of photos will be displayed on our website. Our neighbor, Megan at smlmcakes@yahoo, donated 150 cupcakes plus cookies which were welcomed with open arms. Hot chocolate, cold drinks, candy, plus more cookies and goodies were all obliterated.  The board decided that the present budget of $250 was insufficient and that it would be increased next year. We will tally up the bill after everyone hands in their expenses.

Megan’s contribution will be acknowledged in the January newsletter.

Santa’s “thank you” was upped to $70 this year.

Ellen will purchase a $50 gift certificate from Publix and deliver it to Firehouse #23 as a thank you also.


Association Covenants: Ellen asked when these were last updated. No one present was sure, so Ellen will look up the legal documents.  If the documents need to be updated, Risa offered the services of her legal firm to do this at a reduced fee. The Association ByLaws were updated in April, 2013.



With no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:22 pm.