November 22nd, 2015



Call to Order: President Bob Rogge called the meeting to order at 3:20 pm in Leeds Court. Those members present were Anne Leason, Ellen Barr, Jeffrie Smith, Robert Culhane, Risa Harrell and Dave Cook. Excused absences were Dan Bushrui, Deborah Cox, and Pam Jones. A quorum was established and John Horvath and Bea Mulcahy were welcomed to the meeting.


Minutes: The minutes were accepted as presented at the AGM 11/22/15.


Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was accepted as presented at the AGM 11/22/15.





Committee Reports:


Welcome/Social Committee: A record number of new homeowners have been welcomed recently. Please continue to notify the Welcome Committee of all new arrivals.


Island Committee: Anne Leason presented an estimate to clean, repair, and seal all 3 brick signs at the entrances.  The estimate was $300, submitted by R & J Maintenance of Reading Court. After discussion, Dave Cook made a motion that we accept the estimate. The motion was seconded by Jeffrie Smith and carried unanimously.


A second estimate to run an electric line from the power box to the end of the island was discussed and continued.  Anne Leason will gather additional information about a conduit for the actual wire, more details of a waterproof/tamper proof light, how deep the wire will be buried, etc.  The board will discuss this project at a later date.


Beautification Committee: No report.


Membership: Dave Cook will obtain address labels from the County. Anne will take care of the invoices, envelopes, and stamps.


Flyer: Risa Harrell volunteered to do the flyer for January. Items may include: garage sale/March 18th and 19th (Friday and Saturday); a message from our president; a picture of Santa Express; reminder to homeowners to sign up for the neighborhood email; mention of nextdoor website(?).






Santa Express: Tentatively set for Thursday, December 17th, around 7 pm.  Ellen will confirm. Barbara Wing has offered to one last flyer before she “retires” and will be distributed the weekend before the event. Anne will put two HEHA signs out – one at each end of the neighborhood. Jimmie Jones has Santa’s chair in hand. With a budget of $150 (approved by the board including the cost for a Santa), Ellen will head up this event. Deborah Cox will shop at Sam’s Club for cookies, hot choc, cider, juice boxes, etc. A discussion was held regarding lights, tables, pourers (2 new thermos dispensers to be purchased by Bob Rogge), locations for tables, etc. Ellen will put $50 in a card as a Santa “thank you”. The fire engine should take about 30 minutes to parade around Howell Estates so set up should begin around 6:45 to 7 pm. If everyone could provide a chair or two, that would be good.


Estoppel charges: Dave Cook has suggested that we increase the charge for Estoppel letters/verifications from $25 to $75. This charge is usually paid when a home is being sold. The board had no problem with this and the new charge will be implemented immediately.


HEHA 40 Year Anniversay: 2016 will be the 40th year since the creation of the Howell Estates HOA. A discussion was held about how to celebrate this occasion. One suggestion was that all correspondence in 2016 will bear a special notation with regards to this anniversary. Risa Harrell will pursue this and come up with some ideas.


As there was no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.